The Story

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Bhaaloo. I wrote you this letter:


In the fragrance industry the narrative often revolves around some promise of opulence. Brands intertwine their products with images of prestige, desire, and an exclusive lifestyle. As a shopper and a producer I understand the allure, but there is a disconnect too loud to ignore:

What does any of that have to do with the actual product?

The industry's reliance on opulent visuals and fleeting unboxing experiences only serves to inflate costs and distract from the scents themselves. Fragrance should not be some distant dream or an empty promise. It's a personal expression, a tactile sensation, an accoutrement to our lives. Fragrance is for real people, like you and me, not just models and moody gradients. 

From this need to embrace quality, self-expression, and authentic connection Bhaaloo Candle Co was born – a fragrance experience that's as real as the hands that continue to craft it.

As you move forward, I encourage you to own your preferences, unapologetically. Don't allow marketing materials to position your wallet and your ideals — find out what resonates with you. Your scent journey is uniquely yours, and here at Bhaaloo, we celebrate that experience.



Founder, Bhaaloo

TLDR; Modern fragrance marketing is BS. Try stuff, experience new things, and develop your own preferences.

The Action

Bring the audience (you) into a waltz of self-expression, and to create fragrance products of the highest quality for everyone to enjoy.

The Specs

Coconut-soy wax blend

A premium blend favored by the most prestigious candle producers in NYC and LA. It provides a cleaner burn at a lower temperature than other wax blends, and has a better scent-throw than other soy wax blends.


2 unbleached, lead-free, zinc-free cotton and paper wicks to maximize burn time and minimize soot

ie: more candle for your $$$

Custom aromatic blends

Fragrance purchased from trusted suppliers only, blended with precision in-house.

Free of pthalates and other hazardous materials as per California Prop 65.

Supplier Statement

CA Prop 65 Naughty List

Sourced from US suppliers

Bhaaloo is committed to using domestically produced materials whenever possible provided they do not diminish product quality.

Avoiding single-use materials

Whenever possible Bhaaloo will source biodegradable, reusable, or low-mass options and avoid unnecessary plastics and superfluous packaging.

Pursue excellence

It is never too late to make a positive change. Some Bhaaloo products may change over time, some may come and go.

As this company grows, better materials, blends, or techniques may be discovered. Any change is one made in a pursuit of excellence with customer satisfaction in mind. If you disagree with a change, or have something you would like to share, please reach out through the contact page or Instagram.

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