Premium Craft Candles

Clean, conscious candles handmade in small batches

Using the same ingredients as leading luxury brands

  • Coconut Soy wax blend

  • 50+ Hour Burn Time

  • Unbleached cotton wicks

  • Minimal soot

  • Pet Friendly

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April 2024


Combining the calming aroma of lavender with the stimulating woody notes of sandalwood, this blend is simple and straightforward. Both lavender and sandalwood have been cherished for centuries across cultures worldwide. Together they offer a sense of tranquility and grounding, making this blend ideal for fostering relaxation and focus in modern living spaces.

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Double wicked scented candle. Black and white decorative label on glass vessel

March 2024


A masculine fragrance with Big Yang Energy - not soaked in leather, whiskey, or smoke. A spritz of citrus and juniper berry quickly yields to a heavenly contrast of powdery lavender and astringent gin, all being floated by a light woody mix marked with resins. 

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Double wicked scented candle. Blue and yellow decorative label on glass vessel

February 2024


A Mango Lassi for your sniffer.This not-too-sweet gourmand scent is creamy, dreamy, and bAaAaAaAlanced with vanilla, chestnut, coconut milk, and a hint of warm spice. A solid addition to tea time or any other evening ritual, this easy-to-love scent is intended to support a feeling of calm relaxation.

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