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Sugi is a masculine fragrance with Big Yang Energy - not soaked in leather, whiskey, or smoke. A spritz of citrus and juniper berry quickly yields to a heavenly contrast of powdery lavender and astringent gin, all being floated by a light woody mix marked with resins. 

Fragrance Profile:

Top - Citrus, Juniper, Sage

Mid - Lavender, Camphor, Gin

Base - Cedar, Amber, Benzoin

Burn Time of 50+ hours with proper care

Made by hand in small batches in New Jersey

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Product Facts

Candle Safety


Burn within sight and on a level fire-retardant surface.

Keep away from drafts and other flammable objects.

Keep away from children and pets.

Do not transport a melted candle.

Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before each use.

Vessel, Wax, Wicks

Handmade glass tumbler with a sturdy bottom. Similar in weight to a rocks glass.

Coconut-soy wax blend for improved burn and scent throw.

Double-wicked to maximize burn time. Wicks are made of flat-braided unbleached cotton and paper, and are free of lead and zinc.


Fragrances purchased from trusted suppliers only, blended with precision in-house.

Blends contain both essential oils and synthetic fragrance compounds.

Free of pthalates and other hazardous materials as per California Prop 65.

Supplier Statement

CA Prop 65 Naughty List

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Cohen
Wicked Good Candles

I ordered two candles on a whim. Honestly I thought they were a bit expensive when I ordered them, but so far they have been totally worth it. They burn forever. I don’t know how many hours I’ve had them lit and have not made a dent in them. Also they smell amazing. I got the mangoat and another one? Sugi? I’m on my phone at work. And apparently they’re all natural and organic and stuff. I’m from Boston where we honestly and unironically say things are wicked good. But it’s a candle so it has a wick. It’s wicked, get it? No? Then get a couple of these candles instead. I don’t think I can wax poetic about them any further.